Sweet Valley High

Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield have finally grown up from the fictional tales of Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High. Yes, those lovable blond twins are no longer sweet 16 and never been kissed — it was just announced that the author is taking the twins’ innocence (or lack thereof) to a whole new level in her “adult” sequel to the Sweet Valley High series, Sweet Valley Confidential.

I grew up reading these books (over 150 were published between 1983—2003) and watching the corresponding television show. In fact, I even did my 3rd grade mystery book report on Sweet Valley Kids’ Case of the Haunted Camp! For those of you who know me, I’m sure it’s no surprise that I was always more like Elizabeth — sensible & responsible, while my childhood friend, Jessica, fit Jessica’s personality to a T. Together, we’d spend hours in the bookstore deciding which Sweet Valley story to read next.

Expected to hit shelves in April 2011, the book details out juicy affairs with co-workers and sisterly fall-outs…you know, all the stuff you would imagine the Wakefield twins to do in adulthood (or not!). I had forgotten my past love affair with the Sweet Valley stories until reading about this sequel, and obviously, there’s no doubt, I’m going to be reading it!  Check out a tease (and also news of a Diablo Cody-directed film to boot!) at Jezebel.com.

Why? Because everyone needs a trip down memory lane…

Posted by Alyssa

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