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#Permanent Retweet

Ever loved a tweet so much you want to keep it forever and ever? I know there are certain tweets I have screen shotted on my phone that I would never, ever delete. I would share those with you, loyal m. blog readers – but then I would have to kill you :).

My point is, you can love something on social media, but there isn’t really anything physical you can hold and cherish. You can’t hang a funny tweet up on your wall, or make your Facebook status that got 325 “likes” a part of your living room décor – until now.

Introducing the #PermanentRetweet, a new way to preserve a tweet for all of eternity. PermanentRetweet.com offers social media lovers a 2.5” X 5.75” piece of wood that can be laser etched to illustrate any tweet you would like.

44Image source PermanentRetweet.com 

A custom permanent retweet only costs $20 – what a steal!! Below are some tweets I might think about having permanently retweeted to be hang up at home.

59 8 7 6

Shout out to the people I follow for being funny!

Posted by Nina

Wanted: Missing Mango

Image source abc.net.au

When I had first heard about a missing 7 ton mango in Australia, I, like most of the public, thought, “How could someone get away with this without being seen?” I was fooled. I should have known it was a publicity stunt, but remained shocked when it was revealed that the missing mango mystery was solved and that the robbery was internal!

As a PR junkie I love hearing about successful publicity stunts in the media and smirk whenever a ridiculous idea actually works (cue Arby’s tweeting at Pharrell during the Grammy’s), so when I heard that this small tourist attraction in the mango capital of Australia had staged the robbery of a $90,000 mango and used social media to find it, I was beside myself.

This publicity stunt worked and it worked well. The story was picked up by dozens of media outlets including Fox News, NPR and Buzzfeed, just to name a few.

Memes were made:

hImage source Buzzfeed.com

#MangoGate was trending:



These geniuses even made their own video of people’s reactions to the stolen mango:

Kudos to Nando’s on this amazing publicity stunt. This juicy story is sure to be an inspiration to PR enthusiasts who need a little help thinking outside the box.

Posted by Christina

Cher Horowitz Goes to Spin Class

Modern adaptations of classic stories usually suck. Sorry, but I’m just not interested in sitting through a performance of Romeo and Juliet set in 2014 Brooklyn. That said, sometimes, with a few tweaks here and there, we get a story for the ages. Case in point? Amy Heckerling’s 1995 film, Clueless. Loosely based on Jane Austin’s Emma, Clueless presented a classic story in a modern way. Not to mention it gave us references for days – days.

The movie is a quality adaptation that no doubt took a ton of time and energy to produce. Thrillingly, we here in 2014 live in an age when all you need to breathe new life into an old story is a healthy helping of wit and a Twitter account. Behold @ModernClueless – a Twitter account dedicated to showing you what life would be like if Cher, Dionne, Tai & co. were running around today.

The account, which has garnered 25,000 followers to date, has only posted 142 tweets.(Editor’s note: @ModernClueless has released two additional tweets in the 12 hours since this was written and has gained 1,000 more followers. Only Fake Cher Horowitz could have this kind of clout!) Among them, Tai gets a coconut water (“You guys want?”), Cher explains herself to Mr. Hall (“It was Shark Week! I had to haul ass to the ladies’.), and Dionne pokes fun at Britney Spears’s weave (“I do not wear polyester hair, ok? Unlike some people I know.”).

See below for a few more of my favorites, it’s got all of the references you love, but this time with emoji and spin class.







Story source Refinery29

Posted by Erin K.