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Kanye’s Left Out and He’s Probably Pissed


Image source TIME

I’ve never claimed to be super knowledgeable about music, and my listening pleasure is typically limited to the 90’s on 9 SIRIUS XM station in my car (don’t even ask me what Spotify and Rdio are). However, even I was surprised by the results of a map outlining each US state’s most listened-to band. The Echo Nest, a “music intelligence platform” pulled together all their data on America’s favorite music and created this gem of a map, reporting musical preference revelations that I find bizarre. Some of my faves:

My home state of Connecticut = David Guetta??? Since when do suburbanites and folks on Wall Street listen to house music?

Maryland = Kelly Rowland. Beyonce says, “who?” Also, why is Kelly on here but not Beyonce?

West Virginia = Matchbox Twenty… hello 1998!

Arizona = Linkin Park… see above.

And in the sarcastic “shocker” category: New Jersey (Bruce Springsteen), Vermont (Phish), and New Hampshire (Grateful Dead). Duh.

All I know is, Kanye is nowhere to be found and Yeezus is probably PISSED….!

Posted by Amanda

Britney on Broadway

mage source Spin.com

Being a devout fan of Ms. Spears since her school girl-clad days of “Baby One More Time,” I naturally had a mini freak-out upon skimming headlines that contained “Britney” and “musical” in the same sentence. A MUSICAL OF BRITNEY’S LIFE?! OR, BRITNEY IN A MUSICAL? Either way, this news is fantastic.

Upon further reading, I found out that instead of a Britney-inspired musical (which needs to happen, by the way), someone created a musical about the resurrection of Jesus using Britney’s songs, like “Stronger,” “…Baby One More Time,” “Lucky” and “Crazy.” According to the show’s website, “It is a piece that reconciles a lot of the anxiety 20-somethings feel about living in a society that has thousands of statements and not much substance. It appeals to those from a religious background because it tells an essential story using fragments of pop culture in a non-offensive way.” “Spears: The Gospel According to Britney,” which is still in development, played two advance showings last week at the Foxwoods Theatre in NYC for potential investors only.

I’m not going to get all religious here, but I have trouble believing that lyrics such as “You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work bitch” would be relevant to any point in Jesus’ life. But then again, I’m not a frequent church-goer. If this show ever makes its way to Boston, I can’t promise that I will check it out. But if ever a musical about the life of my gal B.Spears comes along, you know I’ll be in the front row.

Posted by Erin

#ThrowbackThursday – Music Edition

Image source BizBrag

In the world of social media, Thursdays are dedicated to sharing old pictures in a trend dubbed “#ThrowbackThursday” or “#TBT” for short. Most shares are on Instagram and usually consist of the same predictable pictures: baby pictures, high school party photos (to show off how skinny you used to be, of course), study abroad/vacation shots or even things from last week usually accompanied by the caption “TAKE ME BACK.”

It just so happens that m.blog deadlines are Thursdays, so I’d like to dedicate this #ThrowbackThursday to the music from my youth. Some of these songs were anthems of my childhood, and I am sharing them over this blog post because there’s no way to Instagram a song (yet).

I tried to avoid the obvious B. Spears and BSB songs…just to remind you of some jams you may have forgotten about since middle school.

O-Town – All or Nothing

Who remembers P. Diddy’s “Making the Band”? Or was he Puff Daddy then…

Blu Cantrell – Hit ‘Em Up Style

Fourth grade Nina had no clue what this song was about…

Ashanti – Happy ft. Ja Rule

What happened to Ashanti? And Murder Inc. for that matter?

Vengaboys – We like to Party!

This song made its come back in the Six Flags commercial, but should still be added to everyone’s party playlist

S Club 7 – Bring it All Back

This song’s inspirational lyrics makes it a go-to song when you need motivation

Dream – He Loves U Not

Whatever happened to girl bands…?

No Doubt – Spiderwebs

No Doubt / Gwen Stefani, I’m waiting for your comeback in 2013.

Uncle Kracker – Follow Me

His name is Uncle Kracker, that is all.

I’m already planning a part two for this blog, because I know I’ve forgotten some good ones. Help me out by sending yours!

Posted by Nina

New England Non-Conservatory…Classical Meets New Media!

To most, classical music equals traditional and stuffy, whereas the world of social media equals new, young, innovative, etc. (though if you ask me, most of this social media buzz is BS). However, these two seemingly disparate worlds have a surprising number of intersections and overlap. Most recently, I received news about New England Conservatory’s new online collaborative music installation, NEC# (NEC-sharp). Basically, it is a new YouTube station started by the school to bring together students and non-students alike, profiling these young, emerging musicians in a collective online symphony. At this stage, the site is still being populated with musical vignettes submitted primarily by NEC students, however for all un-enrolled aspiring Beethovens, the public is invited to participate…voice, tuba, cello, organ pedals, all are welcome.

Follow this link to find step-by-step instructions for submitting your video: http://necmusic.edu/nec-sharp/add-video. Otherwise, just check out the site and drown yourself in little snippets of great music from great performers who you’d probably not have an opportunity to hear otherwise. The site is well-designed to provide short bios on each artist and a Featured Artist page profiles select performers.

Also — in good form, you can keep up with NEC# via Facebook and Twitter.

Bravissimo 2.0!

Posted by Sam

The Best Music-Listening Option You Never Knew About

I was telling a friend that I sometimes like to listen to Pandora while I’m typing away on a press release (or my weekly blog post, actually!) and he let me in on a website that’s just as good — if not better — called Grooveshark. Don’t get me wrong — I like Pandora a lot. They seem to be pretty right-on when it comes to suggesting artists that I’ll enjoy. What I don’t like about Pandora are those situations when I really just want to listen to one artist or my favorite songs and don’t have a mix CD to pop in at work. Or those times when Pandora keeps suggesting songs that I don’t like and I only have about five times where I can say that I don’t like a song before I’m stuck and can no longer give any more “thumb downs.” Grooveshark allows you to search any song you want and also add it to a playlist of your choice. It’s truly an amazing and very valuable tool for music lovers. Check out their “About Us” page…look how young and hip everyone looks! I believe this site is fairly up-and-coming (and right now it’s free!) so sign up and start jammin’!

Posted by Brianne