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Whenever I get the urge to go for a run I make a point to sit down and wait  until the feeling passes. Competitive team sports? Count me in. Barre? Bring it on! Yoga, yes please. But when it comes to running I generally won’t put a spring in my step unless something is chasing me (or there’s a designer sample sale within a 4 mile radius). But after seeing the Instagram series from @kellykkroberts taken during the NYC Half-Marathon, I’m beginning to change my tune. To stay motivated during the grueling 13.1 miles Kelly took it upon herself to (somewhat sketchily) capture the most handsome hotties of the big apple’s half. What really makes me love this marathon maven are the hysterical and unapologetic  titles of her aptly named “creep-shot selfies” such as “Mile 12 eye candy”, “Oh yeah walker” and my personal fave, “Dat headband.” Thank you Karen, for showing the world new ways to make the best of an exhausting situation. I salute you and your fabulous taste in marathon men!


Images source Instagram

Posted by Jenna

One Damn Fine #FinishLine

We here at mm/c are truly blessed to have offices that overlook the finish line of the historical Boston Marathon. Painted just last week, the finish line is proudly emblazoned on Boylston street in the weeks leading up to the race.

It’s during this time that runners reach the peak of their training. Logging the craziest amount of the miles (until the big day of course!), starting to get serious about pre-race nutrition and, if they’re anything like us, post-race celebration.

A runner myself, the idea of logging 26.2 miles is definitely inspiring. That said, it just wasn’t on the docket for me this year. Thus, I’m left to ponder the truly important things in life – like Instagram.

For the sake of research, I stepped out of the office to log some facetime with the finish line and see which filters flatter the BAA logo best. To save you the trouble, I’ve included my findings below. It’s all a matter of preference, of course, but I have to say that Lo-Fi is my hands-down fave.

Consider this your cheat sheet for taking great shots on the big day!











Posted by Erin K. 

What if Aladdin Had Instagram?

I’m not ashamed to say that Aladdin is one of my favorite movies. In fact, as I sit at my desk writing this I’m listening to the anthem Friend Like Me and have Prince Ali lined up in my queue. IMHO, Jasmine is the best Disney Princess with her voluminous braided hair and scandalous outfit. That paired with Aladdin’s  poor-boy swagger and adorable monkey side kick make the couple my favorite Disney duo.

My slight obsession with Aladdin is the reason I was excited to see a recent post on Disney’s blog titled “The Story of Aladdin, As Told by Instagram.” The article shortens the full-length movie into 13 Instagrams, as taken by Aladdin’s iPhone (??). Key movie scenes are summarized by short captions and clever hashtags, and the posts are an incredibly accurate portrayal of the movie.

Below are some of my favorites – see here for the full story of Aladdin as told by Insta.

Brilliant use of #RichKidsofInstagram, well played, Disney. 

mmIf I was friends with a genie, I would brag about it over social media too. 

gdf*Insert typical Mean Girls caption*

ddWhat type of royal wedding would it be if there wasn’t a hashtag? #AladdinJasmineWedding


Posted by Nina

To Detox or Not to Detox?

aaImage source PureWow

Ah, vacation…the time when you can sit back and relax, finally crack open one of those books that have been collecting dust on your shelf since you “browsed” Barnes and Noble five years ago, and spend quality time with number one.

While some (me) find nestling up on the couch in a onesie drinking wine and playing Candy Crush for hours a pretty decent va-cay, others would rather part with the digital world during their cherished time off. Although digital addiction has been around for quite a while now (since before the invention of Candy Crush, if you can believe it!), digital detox vacations are starting to trend. People are now checking in their phones, iPads and other devices while checking into their hotel or resort.

Some of these detoxes are retreats for the seriously obsessed phone-checkers, and others are merely hotel packages which discourage the use of phones, laptops and the like (check out a few of those here).

While spending a week relaxing on a Canadian ranch becoming one with nature does intrigue me at times, I may be just a little attached to my precious new iPad to turn it into the reception desk. How about I promise to only check my phone a couple times a day (in case of emergencies, of course)?

And now for the thought you were all having: How are you supposed to make all of your friends back home jealous by Instagramming those beautiful Costa Rican sunsets with no phone?!

Posted by Erin D.

The Ten Commandments of Becoming Instafamous

Last night over steaming pots of boiling Shabu in China Town, I sat down with my Instafamous sister @llewllewtoo, and proceeded to barrage her with questions on the art of Instagramming, such as: how to become an InstaGod, be surrounded by hand clapping emoticons and deal with undying digital adoration. What I learned was that even more important than the shalls are the shalt nots, or what my sister likes to call the Instagram “kisses of death”:


1. Hashtag images with boring, meaningless and mundane adjectives

#ok, #right, #yeah, #gotit, #clear?

2. Take pictures in bright, noon sunlight

Nothing looks good so just don’t.

3. Forget to clean your smartphone lens


4. Post a fuzzy, off kilter, horribly lit or all around bad photo, even if the idea is good

Try, try again my darling.


5. Explore a single thing, many ways

Put parameters on things and experiment with a single idea portrayed many ways. Even the most simple and commonplace task or object can look extraordinary from a certain perspective, find it! This is the fundamental idea of the good hashtags, to bring similar visual concepts or trends together. One of my personal favorites: #JasonJustJumps


6. Embraced the OCD

Never underestimate the power of “things organized neatly” quoth @llewllewtoo. So put a little perfection and Pantone, in your pictures, please.


7. Get thee A** out of bed for the “golden hour”


They call it the “golden hour” for a reason – sunrise sunlight gives the world a Midas touch for a few fleeting minutes every morning between 5-7AM depending on the time of year and cloud cover. This one I know from experience – sister dearest has dragged me from bed during the god forsaken golden hours to be her muse more times than I can count.  But she brings coffee, so it’s cool.

8. Enter ALL the contests


And win ALL the things. Many high end clothing companies such as Everlane and Coach hold competitions in which Instagrammer’s snaps shots with a particular new product to win a prize (for an example I site my sister’s accessories wardrobe or what I austerely refer to as the trophy room). Photo contests such as Instagram’s weekend hashtag competition (#WHP) offers a weekly hashtag for Instagrammer’s to interpret photographically. The handful of weekly winners are showcased to the hundreds of thousands of applicants generating tons of new followers for the chosen ones. Sister’s comment: “It’s kind of a big deal.”

9. Trick the eye to win the heart


Because, really, who doesn’t love a little sleight of hand?

10. Do you


It helps to be incredibly awesome, creative, unique and down with just doing you…so thou shall work on that, too.

All images credited to @llewllewtoo

Posted by Jenna