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Timehop…In Case You Forgot How Uncool You Used To Be

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Remember when you first joined an online social network? Some of us were confused about what to post. Some of us were nervous to share our personal information with the rest of the world. And some of us, well, some of us just shared way too much (i.e. my mom). No matter what kind of social media user you were at first, looking back on it, we can all collectively say this: “What the hell was I thinking when I posted that?”

Thanks to Timehop, a mobile app that shows what you posted exactly one, two, and even three years ago on that exact day, you now have a daily reminder of how uncool you once were. Ego getting too high? Feeling a little too good about yourself lately? Just check out your Timehop and prepare to deflate like a balloon struck with a pin.


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By linking your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Foursquare, there’s no escaping your past. (If you’re trying to “start fresh” and become a “new person,” I suggest not downloading this app). As a young person trying to emerge into the professional world, I would rather not be reminded of the photos I took freshman year of college – and how everything I once posted online is lurking for all of eternity (I actually wore that?!).

But it does make for a good laugh…

Posted by Nicole

Let the UN-Friending/Following Begin…

Back in January, I revealed my inclination to check my horoscope each morning before leaving the house. Today, I expand upon this routine: Facebook. Just as I can’t help but check out Perez Hilton mid-day, I seem to automatically type in f-a-c-e-b-o-o-k-.-c-o-m as my sleepy eyes slowly open. I do this even though I’d generally like to click the highly-desired “dislike” button on most of the items on my news feed.

GQ recently published “Eighteen People You’re Scared Of On Facebook,” and boy, did they hit the nail on the head. As I flipped through the slideshow — Relentlessly Disingenuously Humble Self-Promoter, Misery Lady, Person Who Never Met A Facebook Quiz He Didn’t Like — I realized that there are more than a handful of Facebook friends who GQ’s hilarious feature described. That being said, I didn’t really do anything about it but laugh.

Now, it’s like we’ve hit the penultimate level of internet craziness. We just HAVE to take advantage of all these great tools ALL the time, don’t we!?!?! You can pretty much assume that not only does someone have a Facebook account, but Twitter, too, and probably an old MySpace, AOL screen name, college-required blog floating around the www, Foursquare, iPhone apps, and MORE! In fact, if you don’t, you’re kinda lame.

Well, we’re in luck. Gawker’s Brian Moylan is now encouraging us to do the unthinkable: The unfriending/unfollowing. GULP! When at one time we wanted to brag about the number of friends and followers we had (and many still do), Moylan tells us “Feel bad no more!” and says of the above-mentioned, “These are the people you must ditch now.” He elaborates in the witty and accurate,“The Eight Types of People to Unfollow on Twitter or Defriend on Facebook.”

I do sorta feel bad contemplating the murder of an internet friendship. For some of you, it’s the only type of friendship we have, but, I can’t keep doing this to myself. It’s you, not me, and I need to stop wanting to throw my laptop out the window every time I read an update. I encourage all of you to do the same. “Just like the winner of The Biggest Loser, life going to be so much easier to do that once you get rid of all the excess.”

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