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What I’m Loving on Facebook: “Hipster Celebrities” by Asos

The internet hasn’t been this cool since “Hipster Ariel” –srsly.

Image source Facebook

I love my hipsters, I love my celebrities, and now –thanks to the aptly titled “Hipster Celebrities”  Facebook album by British clothing company  Asos  – having both at the same time doesn’t mean waiting for Allston to come up with its answer to Coachella.

The best part about the expertly photo-shopped pics? These are hipster celebs that wouldn’t occur in nature. Sure, it’s fun to fawn over the crowd at SXSW, but it’s better to see what Prince William looks like with an asymmetrical haircut, full sleeves and a neck tattoo.

See below for what might have been if a few all-star celebs wound up in Williamsburg rather than Hollywood. I’m not saying fate played these people a bad card – just that it’s super fun to see what Meryl Streep would look like if she were born in 1992 and attended Pratt for papermaking.

Hipster Meryl Streep

fffImage source Facebook

Hipster Leo DiCaprio

Image source Facebook

Hipster Sandra Bullock

Image source Facebook

Posted by Erin K.

Online Dating.. In Person?

Image source Digitaltrends.com

If you’re single, you know how awkward the bar scene can be. Hey, he/she is cute. Should I talk to him/her? Do I offer to buy him/her a drink? Or is that totally archaic? What if he/she rejects me? Where’s the closest place I can pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s if he/she does reject me?

Okay, that last one may just be me.

Anyway, what if you could find out all about the good-looking bar-goer before you approach them? Then you could be like, “I see you go to Planet Fitness. I think I’ve seen you on the treadmill” or “I know your birthday was four months ago, but happy belated!” or even “Glad to see you are not a registered sex offender, wanna go back to my place?”

That would be weird. And a bit disturbing. But it could be our future, people! A new facial-recognition app called NameTag makes Facebook-stalking in real time a reality. Designed to be used with Google Glass, NameTag allows users to instantly “scan” someone’s face and pull up their name, social media accounts, and even check the person against criminal databases.

I’m already cringing imagining everyone wearing Google Glass (which does not compliment any outfit, mind you) and looking like something out of Star Trek, but the thought of this app spreading like SnapChat scares the bejeezus out of me! Not that I have anything to hide, but a little mystery never hurt anyone. Can’t we just wait until we get home to stalk our potential mate online? How am I supposed to tweet about the smelly passenger next to me on the MBTA now? What is this world coming to?

Google has not yet approved the app, and let’s be honest, no one actually has Google Glass, but it may not be far in the future, folks, so delete those drunken Facebook photos from college, stat!

Posted by Erin


The Afterlife of the American T-Shirt

Image source NPR

NPR’s Planet Money T-Shirt Project tracks the life of the American clothing staple from fields of budding cotton, to the machines, workers and delivery methods that produce them, and finally to the consumer. Its piece on the afterlife of donated American clothes shows how old lacrosse jerseys and bar & bat mitzvah commemorative T-shirts are today worn in abundance by African locals.

One bat mitzvah T-shirt found in Kenya really stood out, as it was rife with clues as to the original owner. Emblazoned with the theme “Dancing with the Toons,” the shirt displayed the name of the girl of honor (Jennifer), event date (Nov. 20, 1993) and even had the owner’s name (Rachel Williams) written inside of it. Could the owner of this shirt be found, NPR asked, with an online query?

She sure could – in one day! Adam Soclof of Jewish news service JTA saw the post. One Facebook graph search later, he located Rachel Williams, as well as bat mitzvah girl Jennifer (who was apparently REALLY into cartoons at age 13!).  The shirt was indeed the one she gave away at her bat mitzvah 20 years ago at a Somerset Inn in Troy, Michigan.

Image source NPR

Here’s a photo of Jennifer today:

Image source NPR

Now this bat mitzvah t-shirt from 1993 is an Internet celebrity in its own right.  The shirt has appeared on international news outlets, from TIME to the Jerusalem Post, and countless Tumblr accounts. Out of the billions of pounds of used clothing the U.S. exports each year, most of which winds up in clothing markets in sub-Saharan Africa, Jennifer’s party favor is making us all think twice about how we’re globally connected, how we consume goods and where those old *NSYNC and Little League T-shirts we gave to Goodwill are living now.

Posted by Michelle

Timehop…In Case You Forgot How Uncool You Used To Be

Image source Meandthemountains.com

Remember when you first joined an online social network? Some of us were confused about what to post. Some of us were nervous to share our personal information with the rest of the world. And some of us, well, some of us just shared way too much (i.e. my mom). No matter what kind of social media user you were at first, looking back on it, we can all collectively say this: “What the hell was I thinking when I posted that?”

Thanks to Timehop, a mobile app that shows what you posted exactly one, two, and even three years ago on that exact day, you now have a daily reminder of how uncool you once were. Ego getting too high? Feeling a little too good about yourself lately? Just check out your Timehop and prepare to deflate like a balloon struck with a pin.


Image source Kezj.com

By linking your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Foursquare, there’s no escaping your past. (If you’re trying to “start fresh” and become a “new person,” I suggest not downloading this app). As a young person trying to emerge into the professional world, I would rather not be reminded of the photos I took freshman year of college – and how everything I once posted online is lurking for all of eternity (I actually wore that?!).

But it does make for a good laugh…

Posted by Nicole

Drinking and Working Out Are Basically the Same Thing

You know those friends who post fitness quotes on top of inspiringly athletic pictures to Facebook and Twitter? Aren’t they annoying? I mean, the quotes all have the same mind numbingly straightforward premise: “push yourself, wimp.” Or, maybe: “push yourself, you big strong man!!!” I have never once seen one of those quotes and thought to myself: “get out there, Ben! You got this!”

If you need further proof of how meaningless the quotes are, look no further than this imgur of “Fitness quotes over pictures of drinking.” Because, at the end of the day, aren’t binge drinking and working out basically the same thing?

ben1ben2ben3ben4ben5Images source Imgur

Posted by Ben