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Online Dating.. In Person?

Image source Digitaltrends.com

If you’re single, you know how awkward the bar scene can be. Hey, he/she is cute. Should I talk to him/her? Do I offer to buy him/her a drink? Or is that totally archaic? What if he/she rejects me? Where’s the closest place I can pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s if he/she does reject me?

Okay, that last one may just be me.

Anyway, what if you could find out all about the good-looking bar-goer before you approach them? Then you could be like, “I see you go to Planet Fitness. I think I’ve seen you on the treadmill” or “I know your birthday was four months ago, but happy belated!” or even “Glad to see you are not a registered sex offender, wanna go back to my place?”

That would be weird. And a bit disturbing. But it could be our future, people! A new facial-recognition app called NameTag makes Facebook-stalking in real time a reality. Designed to be used with Google Glass, NameTag allows users to instantly “scan” someone’s face and pull up their name, social media accounts, and even check the person against criminal databases.

I’m already cringing imagining everyone wearing Google Glass (which does not compliment any outfit, mind you) and looking like something out of Star Trek, but the thought of this app spreading like SnapChat scares the bejeezus out of me! Not that I have anything to hide, but a little mystery never hurt anyone. Can’t we just wait until we get home to stalk our potential mate online? How am I supposed to tweet about the smelly passenger next to me on the MBTA now? What is this world coming to?

Google has not yet approved the app, and let’s be honest, no one actually has Google Glass, but it may not be far in the future, folks, so delete those drunken Facebook photos from college, stat!

Posted by Erin


Timehop…In Case You Forgot How Uncool You Used To Be

Image source Meandthemountains.com

Remember when you first joined an online social network? Some of us were confused about what to post. Some of us were nervous to share our personal information with the rest of the world. And some of us, well, some of us just shared way too much (i.e. my mom). No matter what kind of social media user you were at first, looking back on it, we can all collectively say this: “What the hell was I thinking when I posted that?”

Thanks to Timehop, a mobile app that shows what you posted exactly one, two, and even three years ago on that exact day, you now have a daily reminder of how uncool you once were. Ego getting too high? Feeling a little too good about yourself lately? Just check out your Timehop and prepare to deflate like a balloon struck with a pin.


Image source Kezj.com

By linking your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Foursquare, there’s no escaping your past. (If you’re trying to “start fresh” and become a “new person,” I suggest not downloading this app). As a young person trying to emerge into the professional world, I would rather not be reminded of the photos I took freshman year of college – and how everything I once posted online is lurking for all of eternity (I actually wore that?!).

But it does make for a good laugh…

Posted by Nicole

Your Next Breakup Just Got Easier

ErinImage source breakuptext.me

It’s a predicament that we’ve all been talking about for what seems like years now: technology has effectively removed the need to make any type of social interaction. I will not hesitate to admit that there have been times I have had my eyes glued to my phone, constantly reloading my Twitter or Instagram feed, and forgotten for a moment that my significant other is sitting next to me. It’s like an addiction. We habitually turn to our phone out of boredom, and being disconnected from the world is simply not an option. In my defense, though, sometimes there is a lull in conversation and silence can be unsettling. Like, what can people possibly talk about all day?

Anyway, my point is, we rely on technology and social media to do our interacting for us. There are apps for virtually anything you want to accomplish, including a new app that takes away possibly the most awkward interaction in life: a break up. We’ve heard of breaking up over the phone, or breaking up via text, but those still required crafting your own words. BreakupText does everything for you. A few taps, and a message is sent to your significant other, virtually ending your relationship and leaving you with what will inevitably be a series of confused and/or angry replies, and possibly a violent tirade or two. See some of the messages that this app produces here.

I can only assume hope that this app was created in jest; especially since one of the reasons for breaking up is “I was eaten by a bear.” Whether or not it was, please, please don’t use this app for its intended purpose.

Posted by Erin

Stressed? There’s an App for That!

You know when you just have one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong? Ever had a severe case of the Mondays? We all have, and we all know that the more ways we are “connected,” the more portals we have for receiving bad news. All it takes is one text from an ex or one negative Facebook message to ruin our day and destroy our productivity.

Well, as they say in the year 2012, “There’s an app for that!” UK Masters student Lorraine Chambers developed an app called “Stress @ Work,” which uses a color coded system to categorize texts, Facebook and Twitter messages as “nice,” “neutral” or “negative.” The person can then decide if they want to read the message or save it for a later, less overwhelming time (like after they have a glass of Pinot in their hand!).

No, this app can’t read your mind. It anticipates whether or not a message is positive or negative just as it autocorrects words that you frequently use. The more messages you label as “nice,” “neutral” or “negative,” the better the app can classify future messages. Co-developer Dr. Mohamed Gaber told BBC News, “The ultimate objective… is to make the user aware of the negative contents they receive so they are able to manage their stress in the best possible way.”

“Stress @ Work” was developed for Android and will be presented in September at the 16th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems in Spain. Chambers and Gaber hope to drive the app for free on Google Play afterwards.

Though I like the idea of this, I don’t think it would prevent me from reading a text, no matter how cranky or stressed I am. Thoughts?

Posted by Erin

Image source Examiner

One Less Lonely Picture

The world has been infected with Bieber fever for quite some time now. Capitalizing on that popularity, J. Biebs stamps his name on anything and everything—from nail polish to singing toothbrushes to you name it.

After goofing around with my brother over Thanksgiving, we came across something from the little Canadian sell-out that I’m really thankful for—the Justin Bieber Photobooth app for iPhones. HELLO ETERNAL JOY! This app is by far the most hilarious thing to happen to iPhones since…EVER! Now we can all pretend to be friends with the Biebs… and only for 99 cents!

Now I can forever remember Justin Bieber in pictures at parties, around the world and in front of different landmarks! Check it out—he even stopped by for a visit at marlo!

Posted by Megan