Laughing is Happiness

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I know I’m biased, but in my opinion, Asian kids are the cutest. Like, THE absolute cutest. I can’t even handle it. I know it’s also because whenever I see an Asian boy, it reminds me of my baby brother…who is actually now 20 years old; yikes.

Apparently China has a talent show on TV, much like our “American’s Got Talent,” called “Amazing Chinese.” But theirs is way better, mostly because famed martial artist Jet Li is a judge. Amazing indeed.

They also recently featured a contestant named Zhang Junhao, a 3 year old boy with phenomenal dance moves that you NEED to watch. The judges were blown away, partially from his charisma and poise, but mostly because the kid can seriously get his groove on.

Sure he’s got sick moves – but it’s his sweet demeanor that really got me (there may have been tears involved on my end). After his performance, (fast forward to 7:35) the judges asked him why he likes to dance. He responded:

“When I dance, my mom laughs. My mom says laughing is happiness.”

When asked, “What is your dream?” Junhao said:

“My dream is to make people happy, because I’m happy. Are you happy?”

Needless to say, he got three thumbs up from the judges, a standing ovation, and basically stole my heart.

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The “Perfect” Body

As I was reading the other day, I couldn’t help but notice that the #1 most read article on the site was “How Men And Women Differ When Drawing Up The ‘Perfect Body” (#2 was the Russia/Ukraine crisis and #4 was the sinking of the Korean cruise ship). Anyhow, the results weren’t groundbreaking; what I find to be more alarming is that apparently we are more concerned with body perfection than the massive crisis and bloodshed going on overseas. Basically what was found via Bluebella lingerie shop’s poll of 500 men and 500 women was that apparently no matter the sex, we all want to look like supermodels. Who knew?!

The women’s version of a “perfect” body had less curves than the men’s ideal (though both are still super skinny), while the men’s version had bigger boobs. Apparently guys like Kim Kardashian’s chest (her famous assets didn’t make the cut). The women polled indicated that they would like Gwyneth Paltrow’s stomach, while men said they’d be on board with Michelle Keegan’s. When it came to the perfect male body according to women, it was reported that we want Harry Styles’ mop of hair and Jamie Dornan’s face (I don’t even know who that is…). Men on the other hand want to look like David Beckham (that I understand) and have Hugh Jackman’s biceps.

Just in time for upcoming beach season, you can check out the ideal mash-ups here:


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In college I took a course on “Beauty, Body Image and Identity.” While my Women’s Studies professor would definitely not be pleased, I think the most shocking discovery of all is that this was what TIME decided to feature as news!

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Potty For Rent

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We’ve all experienced it: attending a large, outdoor event, gulping down cold ‘Gansetts, and all of a sudden, the urge to pee comes on. It’s time to break the seal. Unfortunately, your only option is to stand in line for a half hour, only to hold your breath for 30 seconds in a 2×2’ box of disgust called the porto-potty. The other, of course, is to risk arrest by popping a squat in the nearest alleyway with your friends creating a human shield.

Well, some Mardi-Gras-going geniuses have unleashed a website to solve public urination problems for the rest of your days. Named after the similar (but not at all related) AirBnB, AirPnP brings toilet accessibility to all by allowing people to “rent out their bathrooms” to local event-goers who need some quick relief. A map allows you to find the nearest toilet lenders in your area and pay anywhere from one to twenty bucks to sit on their porcelain throne.

The web-based app started in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, where 40 locations were entered, and is now making its way across the globe. As of April 17, the app has 439 registered bathrooms. Unfortunately, the only one in the Boston area so far is “a modest, relatively clean toilet” that “rarely clogs.” Hey, looks pretty good to me.

If anything, just go check out the awesome pee puns on the site – like the co-founder and “PEO” calling himself an “entrepeeneur” and the phrase “Urine good hands.”

So, instead of getting PISSED OFF next time you have to pee in public, just consult AirPnP. Do you think this app needs a good PEE-R agency? (God, I love pee puns.)

Posted by Erin D. 

Hub on Wheels

One of the big reasons I moved to Boston was to have easy access to all of the places I might need to go on any given day. During both childhood and college, I was “city-adjacent” – there was shopping/food/industry to be had within two miles, but you still had to hop in your car to hit CVS. From where I drove, public transportation and taxis seemed like a sweet, sweet dream.

Living in Davis Square, I CAN walk to a CVS and it IS awesome. But things get a little different once I need to go beyond my beloved Square. Below, a short list of all the ways my transportation dreams have been shattered:


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Ah, the T. Get anywhere you want to go, provided you want to go aaaaallll the way into the city and aaaaallll the way out. I live four miles away from my friend in Brookline, and it takes me an hour to get there.

It’s open to everyone, and that’s what makes it great. Also, it’s open to everyone, and that’s what makes it absolutely terrible.


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Taxis. Taxis are awesome provided you enjoy the smell of cleaning product mixed with vomit and a tinge of desperation. Bonus points for trying to hitch a ride in Cambridge or Somerville – where cash is king and the cabbie drives away after pointing you to an ATM.


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Jump in a car with a pink mustache driven by a non-professional! Do you really want to die this way?


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Google maps once told me it was okay to bike on Storrow Drive! (Disclaimer: I didn’t do it.)

All in all – guess there is no such thing as an ideal commute. That said, bonus points to Boston for keeping things interesting.

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Shame Food

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I wouldn’t call myself a food snob, or even a “foodie” for that matter (only because it’s kind of a lame term) but I feel like I generally know, cook and eat good food – mostly thanks to my outstanding mom who had a restaurant-quality meal from scratch on the table every night at 6:15 on the dot. I’m no perfect critic, but I do cringe and try to hold back judgment when I see people/friends indulging in things like Hamburger Helper, casseroles made with condensed soup, or the occasional gas station pre-made sandwich. That’s not real food, people.

But let’s be real – everyone has a secret, beloved food that they might be ashamed of. Do you hide Oreos in your pillow? Make midnight runs for McDonald’s fish fillets? For me – its marshmallow Peeps. Really, I love any kind of marshmallow, but there’s something about the cavity-inducing crunch of the sugar on the outside of this highly processed food-like fluff (oh wait, I actually do currently have a cavity that needs to be filled…). My favorites are the chocolate-covered peeps – you know, the romantic kind. Lucky for me, and I’m sure millions of others out there, there are endless recipes available on how to use these sweet treats.

If I actually used Pinterest, this would totally come in handy – skateboarding Peeps??

Or these from PopSugar (appropriate name) – mmm, s’mores Peeps. How outdoorsy.

Dunkin has even released a peeps donut, just for Easter. I know what my holiday meal this weekend will be.

Go ahead, you can judge me. Luckily, I’ve got someone at home who will make me a Peeps-themed breakfast on my birthday…what a guy!

jfgThat’s a “birds in a nest” peep-topped pancake with bacon… if you can’t tell. 

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Smells like Generation Z

It’s been 20 years since Nirvana’s enduring grunge anthem “Smells Like Teen Spirit” came out. I consider myself lucky to have been just barely old enough to listen, appreciate and (hopefully?) understand Kurt Cobain’s musical genius in real-time.

But if you’re curious how teens TODAY view Nirvana’s musical legacy, then look no further than the video “Teens React to Nirvana.”

All of these kids were born after Cobain’s tragic death in 1994. Watching their reactions to Nirvana music videos for the first time is mostly an enjoyable “Kids say the Darndest Things” romp. But some innocent comments reveal that Nirvana’s groundbreaking 90’s music can still reach the youth of today.

Now, presented for your entertainment, are the Top 5 Quotes from “Teens React to Nirvana.”

5. It takes forever to understand what he’s saying.

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4. I’m pretty bomb at this on Guitar Hero.

3. Was this actually put on TV?

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2. Ha, Dave Grohl and his ponytail.

jfImage source

1. I actually like old music like that.

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Downton Abbey at H&M

For Christmas this year, my first year living completely away from home, my mom decided that a Singer sewing machine was a better gift than a TV, winter boots, place-mats, etc. Granted, it was a fantastic gift and I’ll have it forever – thanks Mom! I know she bought it in the hopes that I would become more productive. Her favorite saying (used most appropriately while shopping) is, “You know, you could make that”. Pinterest is her new favorite website, my bedroom is her new favorite craft room, and endless afternoons have been spent in beading or stamping stores. End result: Artist markets no longer impress me.

Being the offspring of such an artistic individual perhaps turned me into a practical adult. Which is why, after finishing the latest season of Downton Abbey, I decided to take on the project of sewing up a few of the Crawley women’s dresses – simple, right? Well, I got to the fabric store, picked out some beautiful silks and taffetas…and ended up making curtains instead. So, during a recent trip to H&M, I was delighted to find 1920’s–esque dresses mysteriously similar in style to those of my favorite TV show. Get excited ladies, a new fashion trend?!

For the Lady Edyth:

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9Image source H&

For Lady Mary:

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For the Lady Sybil:

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qqqImage source H&

Funny, since my sarcastic response to my mother has always been, “Or, I could just buy it now.”

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