Emily Heaton. She’s from Virginia and just celebrated her 7th birthday. Oh, and she recently became a princess… thanks to her Daddy.

Image source BetchesLoveThis.com

According to my girls at Betches Love This, the “World’s Biggest Pushover,” Jeremiah Heaton, bought his baby girl an 800 square-mile plot of the North African desert along the Sudanese border for her 7th birthday. Her “kingdom” has been named North Sudan…how original. But wait, it gets better. The Heatons believe they now rightfully own this area of land because good ole Jeremiah traveled all the way to Africa (the region of Bir Tawil to be exact) and planted the family’s flag there. Yeah, I’m not so sure that’s how it works daddio. (*Note incredibly awkward photo capturing the moment below.)

Image source Buzzfeed.com

Dad of the year claims, “I wanted to show my kids I will literally go to the ends of the earth to make their wishes and dreams come true.” Weird because for my 7th birthday I’m pretty sure my dad made me chocolate chip pancakes and made contributions to my Bratz collection, and yet I still felt like his little princess.

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Teach Us Your Ways, Marcus

I go to a lot of really cool concerts so it’s rare for me to have severe concert envy, but right now I can honestly say I’ve never been more jealous of anyone than I am of Marcus Haney. Who is Marcus Haney? No one, really, except for this really ballsy guy who decided to break into every music festival you can think of (even The Grammy Awards!) over the past four years and make a movie about it. Crazy right?!

Marcus’s movie is called “No Cameras Allowed” to pay homage to the fact that he not only snuck himself into all of these music festivals (50+ since 2010), but also snuck in his video equipment and managed to film these shows from all the places you’re typically not allowed to shoot from (side of the stage, in the crowd, etc). Along the way, Marcus has befriended a ton of interesting people, from “Acid Chris” who is a guy he found on Craigslist to help him put gas in his car, to the band Mumford and Sons who have actually become good friends of his and have aided Marcus in his cinematic efforts.

Marcus has been shopping his finished film around to different studios and higher-ups, but a couple of weeks ago an unapproved version of “No Camera’s Allowed” trailer leaked onto the Internet, quickly going viral. On the 23rd, the feature film was screened in full for the first time in California and received rave reviews.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the full film. Mostly so I can pick up some tips and tricks on how to get myself into Coachella next year without forcing my bank account to organize a mutiny against me.

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The Selfie Has Gone Too Far

I’ve been a selfie-hater since selfies came into existence and squashed any hope that my generation (millennials) had for proving that we’re not ruining America. Every time a picture of someone’s face alongside an extended arm appears on my Instagram feed I cringe just thinking of how great they think they look and how narcissistic they actually appear. In fact, the “about me” section on my Instagram reads, “no selfies”. Yes, my hatred for selfies is that strong. Don’t even get me started on relfies

Now that you’ve heard my rant (be happy you didn’t get the full version…) you can imagine my horror when I heard that there is now a toaster on the market that prints selfies. I wish I was kidding…

Image source distractify.com

What the what?!

Has anyone thought about how weird this is? YOU’RE EATING YOUR OWN FACE. Wondering how this thing works? Luckily Mashable has broken down the selfie toaster process for us all. All you have to do is send a pic of your face to some dude in Vermont and he’ll transfer it onto a metal sheet that will be inserted into the toaster. And it’s only $75! Oh em gee!

This toaster has been blowing up the media and has been praised as “the greatest thing since sliced bread”. Puh-lease, the only thing this toaster is good for is disproving the Virgin Mary’s face on a grilled cheese. Bet the winner of this auction feels real dumb right about now…

Image source NBCNews.com

All I’m saying is this fad needs to get burnt real quick. Pun intended. Rant over.

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We all have those friends; you know the ones who are constantly documenting every moment of the night by snapping pics and uploading them to Instagram immediately. I, too, have been guilty of having to snap a pic of my food before I eat it at a restaurant, then sitting there and stressing out about whether to commit to “lo-fi” or “valencia” (totally different results) as my food gets cold.

While traveling the world with her boyfriend (must be nice), Nataly Zakharova had enough of his antics. She grabbed his arm and encouraged him to start seeing the world from his own two eyes instead of through a camera lens. The result, “Follow Me To”, a gorgeous series of photographs of Murad Osmann’s girlfriend leading him around the world. I can’t even begin to pick my favorite shots, but see a few masterpieces below:

#followmeto The Dead Sea in Jordan

1Image source Instagram

This needs to be on the cover of National Geographic Traveler, stat!

#followmeto Brooklyn, NY

Image source Distractify.com

Who knew the Brooklyn Bridge could be so beautiful?

#followmeto The World Cup

Image source Facebook

Alright, you guys are officially the coolest couple out there.

#followmeto Moscow

4Image source Instagram

Is this place even real?!

Curious as to what Nataly’s face looks like?

Image source HuffingtonPost.com

Yup, she is gorgeous. I secretly wished she was a butherface, but nope, this girl’s got it all; great fashion sense, gets to travel the world with her talented man, and according to a little fb stalking, is now engaged.

CaptureImage source Facebook

While I may be a jealous single gal with wanderlust and a lackluster closet, I appreciate the beauty in each of these photographs and hope to see more pictures flood my Instagram real soon. In the meantime, I just may start tugging the arms of some men with cameras…

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Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

When I was in college I took an anthropology class called “Beauty, Body Image, and Identity,” which I thought was going to be about eating disorders and the like, but it turned out to be a fascinating study on various cultures’ views of beauty over the course of time. From the tattoos of the Maori to the bound feet in China – the notion of what is beautiful varies from country to country and throughout centuries. Today the media and fashion industry play a huge role in projecting what beauty “should” be – from photoshopping every slight “flaw” on every already too-thin model, we are left with unobtainable ideals.

A few weeks ago the news went wild with the results of journalist Esther Honig’s experiment. She sent a photo of herself to 40 editors around the world and asked to be photo shopped into the “perfect woman” to see how much cultural values apply to the idea of beauty. Here are some of the results of the project:


The starting photo – au natural


India = eyecolor, tattoed brows, red lips


Argentina = thiner brows, lighter skin, almond eyes/long lashes, glossy lips


United States = totally changed her face, nose, eye color, lips and made her blonde


Bangladesh = added clothes, bangs, eye shadow


Greece = added lashes galore, pink/purple eye shadow, blush, lipstick 

To see the extensive findings of how 28 countries altered the original photo, please visit: http://www.estherhonig.com/#!before–after-/cvkn. It’s a fascinating study on the idea of beauty and how it is thought of today.

One thing they are forgetting though is an age old lesson that was drilled into me growing up: “it is what’s on the inside that counts.”

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All By Myself…and My Trusty iPhone

Ever been stuck in an airport by yourself over night? I haven’t and I’m not sure what I’d do if it happened to me, but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to create an awesome music video like this guy did.


When Richard Dunn found himself alone in Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, it seems his first thought was to film an entire five minute video of himself lip synching to Celine Dion’s cover of the Eric Carmen song “All By Myself”. Using only his iPhone and a series of clever camera angles he filmed the entire thing himself and then edited it all together using Final Cut Pro.

I love his ingenuity, not to mention his impressively dramatic performance!

So, if I do ever find myself stuck alone in an airport, the bar has definitely been set high. I’m already thinking of what song I’d croon along to…probably an Adele belter!

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Yada, Yada, Yada

11Image source ESPN.com

Ya’ll know I love the 90’s. It’s no surprise that I consider Seinfeld to be one of the best TV shows of all time (along with the rest of the world). You can watch the re-runs over and over and still find Festivus, Shrinkage and Man Hands to be hilarious. Apparently I missed the opportunity of a lifetime when the Brooklyn Cyclones, a minor league baseball team, hosted a “Seinfeld Night” with a salute to the “show about nothing” on July 5th in honor of its 25th anniversary.

Amongst the excited fans dressed up like Elaine, Kramer, and even Newman, there were classic reenacted Seinfeld memories, such as:

  • MCU Park renamed Vandelay Industries Park
  • “Low Talking” PA Announcer
  • Elaine Dancing Contest
  • Players in puffy pirate shirts at batting practice
  • Keith Hernandez Magic Lougie Bobbleheads
  • The Soup Natzi threw out the first pitch
  • Junior Mints Toss Contest
  • Marble Rye Fishing Race

The Brooklyn Cyclones’ Communication Manager is now the smartest, most ingenious person alive in my book. Then again, I have a few ideas up my sleeve that I would’ve contributed. What about a muffin-top eating contest (Top of the Muffin TO YOU!), a Fusilli Jerry arts and craft station, lip-reading contest, and mangoes for all!

Side note, do I write too many posts about TV…? I may have a problem.

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