Is this Wrinkled?

Every morning as I rush to get out the door there’s always a brief pause as I wonder “do I take the time to steam this? Or is making it out the door in time to be able to grab a coffee on the way to the office the bigger priority?” I’m a little ashamed to admit that 9 times out of 10 the coffee wins (caffeine addiction is real people). That being said I’ve never had a friend, co-worker or stranger call me out for wearing something that was maybe just a little too wrinkled… until recently.

I woke up with an agenda, I needed to drop off a couple of dresses at the dry cleaners (it was a now or never situation, since the wedding I needed to wear one of the dresses to was only two days out) and I needed to make it to Mul’s Diner by 7:45am to have breakfast with a friend pre-work – needless to say this was a “coffee over steamer day.” I got to the dry cleaners in plenty of time and as I passed my dresses across the counter the male employee looked me up and down with a slight frown. After getting the once over, he politely offered to press the dress I was currently wearing, while I waited in the tailor’s dressing room. While I have to say this was the least creepy way I’ve been asked to strip (you’d be surprised the things people will yell out on Boylston Street on a Saturday night) I was still slighted at the thought that he considered my dress to be so poorly kempt. Naturally, I politely declined and instead of letting it go he offered again, insisting that it would only take 3 minutes – I left as quickly as I could in my apparent mess of a dress.

The moral of the story, while my generation of millenials (or messes of young people as we’re commonly known) often get away with wearing wrinkled clothes…

 image001Image source

(if Kerry Washington can do it why can’t I?)

Maybe we should pay a little more attention to the lessons our mothers’ tried to impart on us, especially when it comes to ironing. We may think we look fine but you never know who’s watching (or who is going to call you out on your skewed priorities). I can’t promise I’ll choose the steamer over the coffee moving forward but I think there will definitely be a longer pause in the morning to consider my options from now on.

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This Ain’t No Porkie

Every tourist knows that you never truly feel like a traveling insider until you have mastered a region’s slang. It proves that you know the ins-and-outs of the local tongue while those on the “outside” have nothing to show for themselves but a blank stare. A classic giveaway of their non-native status. I was confused as hell on my first day of elementary school when I was directed to the “bubblah” after asking for a drink of water. In Pennsylvania, they are called water fountains. As they should be.

This being said, nothing fascinates me more than English rhyming slang. Ever since I got my first 30 second lesson while watching Green Street Hooligans (still just as confused as ever) I was determined to master this tricky word switch.

As it’s so aptly named, rhyming slang involves replacing words with their rhyming counterparts, regardless of whether or not they make any logical sense. To help you blend in on your next trip to London, here are a few key terms to help you mingle with the locals rather than looking like these poor sods. *Sigh

kImage Source iVillage

Adam and Eve = believe. Ex: Can you Adam and Eve it?!

Cream Crackered = knackered. Ex: After last night, I’m totally cream crackered.

Pork pies = lies. Ex: Stop telling such nasty porkies!

Loaf of bread = head. Ex: Come on now, use your loaf!

Whistle and flute = suit. Ex: I gotta buy a new whistle for the wedding, mate.

Sherbert Dab (what?!) = cab. Ex: I’m not riding the Tube tonight, I’ll take a Sherbert.

Read up on your rhyming slang on (the always factual) Wikipedia before you board your next flight or read through Conde Nast’s helpful list of slang from around the world.

Looking for a way to impress at your next party or company gathering, work this little beauty into the conversation and you’ll be on your way to colloquial greatness: “It nearly knocked me off my plates – he was wearing a syrup! So, I ran up the apples, got straight on the dog to me trouble and said ‘I couldn’t believe me mincers!’” (Make *BOOM* hand gesture and walk away smiling).

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Emeril’s Eyebrows, Anthony’s Hair, and Giada’s Mullet

11Image source

I’ve always loved cooking shows and even as a little kid, Julia Child and Martha on PBS were in the Saturday morning TV rotation along with cartoons. And today, I’m on the edge of my seat when the risotto turns out crappy on Top Chef (when will they learn not to make risotto?!), and I relax with a cocktail and Barefoot Contessa while marveling at the true love between Ina Garten and her hubby Jeffrey.

If you love TV chef personalities as much as I do, you may enjoy this roundup on that features photos of pre-fame celeb chefs straight out of the 80s. Just like US Weekly and the Kardashians, we discover that they are real people, and just like us, Anthony Bourdain had bad hair days, Giada De Laurentiis had braces, and Guy Fieri dyes his hair (wait, what? It’s not naturally the color of a highlighter??).

Let’s play a game of Guess Who*?


Hint: This Irish lad looks like he’s always been a BFF of SPF.


Hint: If he got an eyebrow wax, he would’ve said “BAM!”


Hint: Butter.


Hint: Loving the accessories girl, “Yummo!”

*Disclaimer: I love all these chefs and support their adorable 80s style.

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Not Your Average Lullaby

Kids are weird. Anyone who knows me knows just how uncomfortable I am around babies. They’re awkward. I’m awkward. I honestly just don’t understand the little humans and have never had a desire to have one myself. My mom used to always say, “Just wait until you are in your twenties, Christina, you’ll get that nurture gene and you’ll begin to love babies!” Well here I am- 23 years old, and still don’t get all warm and fuzzy around children. When I think of children, this is what I see:

Image source

Image source

Last week a friend brought to my attention this hilarious video of a little kid who loses her s#!@ when she hears Katy Perry’s Dark Horse and I found myself actually feeling a little bubbly inside (Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t get ahead of yourself, there are still no grandkids coming in the near future) but I will say this little girl cracks me up!

The video opens with tears and moans from a little chubber, and my first thought is, “yup, this is why I’ll never have one of those”, but then…wait for it…Katy Perry starts playing and bam! this lil’ munchkin is happy as can be. See for yourself:

So if (that’s a big “if”, Mom) I ever decide to have one of my own, I hope that I can nail a parenting trick as amazing as this one. And p.s. a big shout out to Katy Perry for bringing one less tear to the world. Who knew a girl who makes it acceptable to wear cupcakes as a bra could make such a difference?!

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Anyone who follows my posts knows how I feel about dogs. Plain and simple, I can’t get enough of ‘em. Want to know the way to my heart (okay, besides my stomach)? Send me any and every adorable puppy video you come across. Swoooon!

On Instagram, this obsession has taken form in a growing number of celeb-status French Bulldogs who now populate my feed. There’s something about Frenchies’ hilariously unamused expressions thanks to mini frowns and fish eyes that make my heart flutter.

Need an end of summer pick-me-up? I highly recommend following these French-stagram accounts:


mImage source Instagram

Possibly the most noteworthy of all Frenchie accounts, the @3bulldogges crew is best known for pint-sized costumes, their great sense of humor, impressive stunts and well-rehearsed skits.


m1Image source Instagram

The most prim and proper of Frenchie accounts on Instagram can be found via @renecharlesnyc, a sophisticated Manhattan pup who enjoys fashion, puppaccinos, sunset strolls and luxurious accommodations. Don’t we all?


pieImage source Instagram

A somewhat worried, always dapper brunette, @pierrebrando could teach us all a thing or two about living life to the fullest.


Image source Instagram

New to the Instagram game, @kobethefrenchie has made a strong impact thanks to his willingness to color outside the lines (read: sand consumption) and do things his own way.

So many pooch accounts, so little time.

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Brogamats Are a Thing, And They Are Awesome

11Image source

While I’ve done a downward facing dog or two in my day, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m more drawn to yoga products than I am the practice. Take, for example, these freakin’ adorable fuchsia Wunder Unders or this crop top/bra thing that I could never pull off but still covet anyway. Who WOULDN’T want to own these things? Plus, it’s only $124.00 USD for the whole get up, and I’m pretty sure that’s a bargain by om-fashion standards!

Given my lust for yoga gear, I couldn’t have been more excited to stumble upon Brogamats, a fine purveyor of cheeky goods for the flexible men (and women) among us. So while you may not have been with me on the berry hued pants or $52 sports bra, there’s no denying the appeal of a yoga bag that looks like a burrito:

Image source

Or a quiver of arrows:2

Image source

Or simple, tasteful, lumberjack plaid:

Image source

Unlike yoga-giant Lulu, Brogamats is a relatively new company – I’m talking less than 50 followers on Twitter and Instagram. Help them change that by liking/following here, here, and here. And, if nothing else, know that Brogamats helped the photo below become a reality, and because of that, the world is a better place:

Image source

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10 Things You Should Know About Meghan Trainor. Right. Now.

For some reason, I’ve been living under a rock and JUST heard Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” Needless to say, I’m in love and have been playing the song on repeat since. Pulling from doo-wop, blue-eyed soul and pop genres, Meghan Trainor sounds like a mix of Adele and Duffy, which is pretty awesome in my book.

Here’s the skinny:

1. She’s 20. Let’s just leave it at that. #jealousy

imageImage source

2. She’s from Nantucket, MA. So she knows what’s up (Masshole, HOLLA!)

3. She moved to Nashville when she was 19 and helped write Rascal Flatts’ “DJ Tonight” and “I Like the Sound of That.”

4. She co-wrote All About That Bass with Kevin Kadish who has also collaborated with Stacie Orrico (only my favorite pop singer in the 7th grade), Jason Mraz, and Miley Cyrus. Yup, he’s pretty rad.

imageImage source

5. Like many other 90s children out there, she pulls her inspiration from only the greatest: Beyonce & X-Tina. The fiercest of the fierce!

imageImage source

imageImage source

6. It’s the #1 song in Australia which is totally relevant. Australians KNOW their music. (i.e. Havana Brown, Betty Who, Iggy Azalea)

7. She’s still a fan girl and gets giddy about Justin Bieber and Harry Styles. She states “I met Harry, and he’s like a friend now. We just texted each other a minute ago, and I’m still sweating over it.”


8. She plays the ukulele which is one of the coolest/cutest instruments.

9. She’s bringing booty back, much like JT brought Sexy back… But this is on a whole other level.

image10. SHE’S ALL ABOUT THAT BASS which is the laid back, easier-listen to Taylor Swift’s cringing new song, “Shake It Off.” 3LW and Florence and the Machine want their chorus back, Taylor.

If you’ve been with me under that rock, here’s the video to the jam:

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