We all have those friends; you know the ones who are constantly documenting every moment of the night by snapping pics and uploading them to Instagram immediately. I, too, have been guilty of having to snap a pic of my food before I eat it at a restaurant, then sitting there and stressing out about whether to commit to “lo-fi” or “valencia” (totally different results) as my food gets cold.

While traveling the world with her boyfriend (must be nice), Nataly Zakharova had enough of his antics. She grabbed his arm and encouraged him to start seeing the world from his own two eyes instead of through a camera lens. The result, “Follow Me To”, a gorgeous series of photographs of Murad Osmann’s girlfriend leading him around the world. I can’t even begin to pick my favorite shots, but see a few masterpieces below:

#followmeto The Dead Sea in Jordan

1Image source Instagram

This needs to be on the cover of National Geographic Traveler, stat!

#followmeto Brooklyn, NY

Image source Distractify.com

Who knew the Brooklyn Bridge could be so beautiful?

#followmeto The World Cup

Image source Facebook

Alright, you guys are officially the coolest couple out there.

#followmeto Moscow

4Image source Instagram

Is this place even real?!

Curious as to what Nataly’s face looks like?

Image source HuffingtonPost.com

Yup, she is gorgeous. I secretly wished she was a butherface, but nope, this girl’s got it all; great fashion sense, gets to travel the world with her talented man, and according to a little fb stalking, is now engaged.

CaptureImage source Facebook

While I may be a jealous single gal with wanderlust and a lackluster closet, I appreciate the beauty in each of these photographs and hope to see more pictures flood my Instagram real soon. In the meantime, I just may start tugging the arms of some men with cameras…

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Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

When I was in college I took an anthropology class called “Beauty, Body Image, and Identity,” which I thought was going to be about eating disorders and the like, but it turned out to be a fascinating study on various cultures’ views of beauty over the course of time. From the tattoos of the Maori to the bound feet in China – the notion of what is beautiful varies from country to country and throughout centuries. Today the media and fashion industry play a huge role in projecting what beauty “should” be – from photoshopping every slight “flaw” on every already too-thin model, we are left with unobtainable ideals.

A few weeks ago the news went wild with the results of journalist Esther Honig’s experiment. She sent a photo of herself to 40 editors around the world and asked to be photo shopped into the “perfect woman” to see how much cultural values apply to the idea of beauty. Here are some of the results of the project:


The starting photo – au natural


India = eyecolor, tattoed brows, red lips


Argentina = thiner brows, lighter skin, almond eyes/long lashes, glossy lips


United States = totally changed her face, nose, eye color, lips and made her blonde


Bangladesh = added clothes, bangs, eye shadow


Greece = added lashes galore, pink/purple eye shadow, blush, lipstick 

To see the extensive findings of how 28 countries altered the original photo, please visit: http://www.estherhonig.com/#!before–after-/cvkn. It’s a fascinating study on the idea of beauty and how it is thought of today.

One thing they are forgetting though is an age old lesson that was drilled into me growing up: “it is what’s on the inside that counts.”

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All By Myself…and My Trusty iPhone

Ever been stuck in an airport by yourself over night? I haven’t and I’m not sure what I’d do if it happened to me, but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to create an awesome music video like this guy did.


When Richard Dunn found himself alone in Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, it seems his first thought was to film an entire five minute video of himself lip synching to Celine Dion’s cover of the Eric Carmen song “All By Myself”. Using only his iPhone and a series of clever camera angles he filmed the entire thing himself and then edited it all together using Final Cut Pro.

I love his ingenuity, not to mention his impressively dramatic performance!

So, if I do ever find myself stuck alone in an airport, the bar has definitely been set high. I’m already thinking of what song I’d croon along to…probably an Adele belter!

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Yada, Yada, Yada

11Image source ESPN.com

Ya’ll know I love the 90’s. It’s no surprise that I consider Seinfeld to be one of the best TV shows of all time (along with the rest of the world). You can watch the re-runs over and over and still find Festivus, Shrinkage and Man Hands to be hilarious. Apparently I missed the opportunity of a lifetime when the Brooklyn Cyclones, a minor league baseball team, hosted a “Seinfeld Night” with a salute to the “show about nothing” on July 5th in honor of its 25th anniversary.

Amongst the excited fans dressed up like Elaine, Kramer, and even Newman, there were classic reenacted Seinfeld memories, such as:

  • MCU Park renamed Vandelay Industries Park
  • “Low Talking” PA Announcer
  • Elaine Dancing Contest
  • Players in puffy pirate shirts at batting practice
  • Keith Hernandez Magic Lougie Bobbleheads
  • The Soup Natzi threw out the first pitch
  • Junior Mints Toss Contest
  • Marble Rye Fishing Race

The Brooklyn Cyclones’ Communication Manager is now the smartest, most ingenious person alive in my book. Then again, I have a few ideas up my sleeve that I would’ve contributed. What about a muffin-top eating contest (Top of the Muffin TO YOU!), a Fusilli Jerry arts and craft station, lip-reading contest, and mangoes for all!

Side note, do I write too many posts about TV…? I may have a problem.

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Did a Derek Jeter Commercial Really Just Make Me Cry?

Yankees \ yan-kees\ noun
the evil empire, overpaid crybabies, the bane of a Red Sox fan’s existence

I grew up liking two baseball teams: the Red Sox and everyone who beat the Yankees. I also grew up in the middle of Connecticut, right smack dab on the dividing line between Yankee territory and Red Sox nation. From an early age, I learned that I would have to encounter Yankee fans every day, (which just so happened to be in the time period that those damn Yankees were winning what seemed like every World Series), only to further instill my distaste for the guys in pinstripes.

And then there was Derek Jeter, the player that graced the back of every jersey worn by my boy classmates and whose photo adorned the girls’ folders. As much as I’ve always hated the Yankees, I’d be delusional to not realize he’s a hell of a player. Still, I never swooned over #2 or felt any overwhelming emotion toward him, until now.

Now in his final season, Derek Jeter is the star of a new star-studded commercial called “RE2PECT” that’s been taking the Internet by storm.

Not going to lie, after my first watch, I had goose bumps and a tear in my eye (very confusing for a Sox fan). As much as I hate to admit it, I get “IT”. I get what Derek Jeter’s done for the game. But at the same time, the fact that the guy from the team I hate just made me cry means I should probably reevaluate my life. Respect to #2, but now let’s forget about it.

Go Sox!

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Cuteness Overload

Whenever a friend is in need of a smile; whether it is after a break-up, a work crisis, or they’re just straight up having shitty day, I have a tool in my back pocket ready to whip out.

What is it you ask? Cute animals of course! Works like a charm. Every. Single. Time.

No matter how much your friend will try to fight back a smile, they just won’t be able to resist. I’ve decided it’s time I reveal my secret and spread the love. So the next time your friend is emotionally distraught, skip the pint of Ben & Jerry’s and pull out these three tricks. If #1 does not work, move onto #2, then #3. If none of these work, well then your friend has no human emotions and that’s a totally different issue that I’m simply not equipped to assist you with…

So here you go!

1. Send them this article from Distractify titled, “28 Animals That Are So Adorable They Will Make You EXTREMELY MAD.”

123Image source Distractify.com

2. Step 1. Show your friend this video. Step 2. Watch them try not to giggle.

3. Send them Buzzfeed’s “50 Animal Pictures You Need to See Before You Die.”

7Image source Buzzfeed.com

So that’s it. Your friend is cured. She already forgot about hitting “reply all” to the whole agency after ranting about her boss via email and she realized her ex-boyfriend sucks anyways and that she’s better off without him. Your friend’s mood is immediately boosted and you look like rock star friend of the decade. You can thank me later.

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Headphones Project

I am a firm believer that music makes everything better. I always seem to have something playing in the background – a little soundtrack to my life, if ya’ will. My “workout” Spotify playlist is a necessary accompaniment for my morning runs; I have the “good tunes” on shuffle while walking to work to pump myself up for making #mShit happen; then, once at the office, I put my ear buds in and cue the Pandora when I need to concentrate on press releases, pitches and other necessary writings that make up my days as a publicist. My tastes in music are random – from classic rock (Van Morrison’s Caravan is one of my absolute favorites), to epic 80’s ballads. Top 40 hits are an obvious choice when the mood is right, while Broadway tunes also make an appearance (Les Mis “On my Own” gets me every time – the Frances Ruffelle version, not Anne Hathaway’s attempt). Your guess is as good as mine as to what I will be listening to at any given moment – even while writing this I’ve listened to Bruce Springsteen, followed by The Fugees, and on to Alison Krauss.

Prior to moving to Boston, I lived in NYC where everyone you see has headphones in as a way to block out the noise and not focus on the 19739027029367023029032 people who are constantly in your way. That said, I can see how people think that the iPod has made us a bit less friendly, because gone are the days of striking up conversations with randos in line, when everyone has headphones in as a way of saying “don’t talk to me.”

So when I stumbled upon “The Headphone Project” blog the other day, I found it to be a creative way to a) be social (passively, via the Internet, of course!) b) learn about people and why they listen to what they do and c) hopefully add a few more songs to the ol’ playlist.


2 3

Images source Headphonesproject.com

I like the idea of reaching out to people and connecting over music. Who knows, maybe next time I’m waiting for a light to turn green on Boylston Street, perhaps  I’ll risk looking like a creep and ask the first person I see what they’re listening to. And if it’s a hot dude, even better!

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