Shake What Your Daddy Gave Ya

I’ve said it once in a blog and I’ll say it again – I’m a daddy’s girl. Starting from a young age I followed my dad around while he went about his everyday life and was the tag-along sidekick he never knew he wanted. So much so that I was given the name “Lil Tat” (my father’s name is Tat) by his weekly bowling buddies, a nickname that has lasted much longer than the lingering smell of bowling alley smoke ever did (hey, it was the ‘90s). Even now, at the age of 23, I have no shame in saying that my dad is still very much my buddy – from movie dates to lunchtime walks through the streets of Boston, we can hang with the best of them.

This being said, my heart immediately melted when I came across a piece in the San Francisco Globe about what happened when a fun-loving dad and his adorable little girl were left alone in the house for an afternoon. Mom was gone and the “kids” were left to play. Rather than sticking his daughter in front of her favorite Disney movie and kicking back with a cold one, this dad and his daughter grabbed the camera, dove into the costume box and dusted off their dance moves to make their own music video to Taylor Swift’s undeniably catchy “Shake It Off.”

The result: 2:45 minutes of pure gold, complete with costume changes and some pretty snazzy dance moves all staged in the basement. In between the mini-tramp and the treadmill, of course. All I’ve got to say is, who says dads don’t know how to dance?

This one knows the side-to-side wrist flick.


And the always fashionable walk like an Egyptian pose.


And, when all else fails, distract your viewers with a strategically placed horse head. Wait, wha?


Am I the only one who hopes we may see a recreation of this video surface, in years to come, at this little girl’s wedding? (Trampoline not included). If your day needs a boost, I recommend this as a quick pick-me-up. Daddy daughter dancing aside, who do you think edited this thing? Now that’s some daddy dedication.

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Sick of Hearing About Pumpkin Yet?

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When it comes to being a basic white girl in the fall, I admittedly fit the prototype. I rock my North Face, sip my Starbucks, and go crazy for a good infinity scarf. However, there is one trend that I will never understand.

I don’t like pumpkin spice. In fact, I don’t like anything pumpkin flavored. Cue the gasps.

I have never understood the craze surrounding pumpkin-flavored/scented/colored things in the fall, and I am yearning for the day when people will stop cluttering my social media feeds with pumpkin-raving nonsense. It’s like a cult. An annoying, never-ending, pumpkiny cult. It’s an orange gourd for gosh sakes!

Now that that is over with, I digress. In case you missed it, there was quite a bit of stir on the interweb recently about a photo that surfaced of a limited-edition Durex pumpkin spice condom.

9Image source

White girls everywhere went crazy on Twitter (besides me, of course).

After a day or two of silence, Durex finally responded to the rumors on its Twitter:


Being the PR-minded gal that I am, I absolutely think this was a marketing ploy by Durex. When they made a statement to Buzzfeed News regarding the rumor, they assumingly mentioned their banana, strawberry, orange, and apple-flavored condoms (see Buzzfeed post here). Marketing tactic or not, this was an extremely smart way to capitalize on the pumpkin craze, which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Every major media outlet picked it up (just Google “Durex pumpkin condom”), and everyone was talking about it.

While I would never endorse anything pumpkin-related, I do commend Durex (if it was, in fact, initiated by the company) for this brilliant ploy. Now, pumpkin, go away forever!

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Underwater Puppies

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I have a lot of weird talents. Clapping with one hand, splits, synchronized swimming, oyster shucking, and most of all, staying underwater for a freakishly long time. Since I can’t fly sans plane, there’s something about diving in and floating in the water (breathing or not) that really clears my head.

According to photographer Seth Casteel’s new book, Underwater Puppies (naturally, the follow-up to his bestseller, Underwater Dogs), baby pooches have that same blissed out feeling when doggie paddling beneath the waves.

In his book, hitting shelves today, Casteel plops little pups into H2O and photographs them as they adorably make their way through the water, some more confidently than others. In the process, he gave over 1,500 puppies their first swimming lessons. Squeee!

It has become clear that I missed my calling in life. Seth, need an assistant?

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Remembering a Comedic Trailblazer

As the news of Joan Rivers’ passing begins to settle, I can’t help but think about how damn funny she was. Yes, of course she was crude, rude and everything in between, but it never seemed to really bother anyone. It was almost as if society’s rules and norms did not apply to Joan, and the celebrities she targeted viewed her comedic insults as a rite of passage.

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To which Lena Dunham replied,

Image source

Image source

Image source

image007Image source

Say what you want about her comedic style and her ruthless fashion critiques, but the one thing I noticed following her death is how positive the media and celebrities were about her. More specifically, Joan was overwhelmingly referred to as fearless, a trailblazer and a pioneer, which I think it impressive in and of itself. Red carpets will never be the same.

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Book of Chloe

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Off-beat fashionista, sometimes-designer and totally talented actress Chloe Sevigny is publishing a book next April, chronicling her famed personal (and oft-perplexing) style. “Chloe Book” promises to include shots from her teenage Sassy magazine modeling days to New York City mid-90’s muse to appearances on red carpets.

I’ll admit that Chloe’s personal style exists beyond my own realm of reasoning. Socks with sandals are chic? And I’m a huge fan of the Drew Droege-as-Chloe parody videos. But damn if I don’t respect her for owning her quirky looks. I expect this book to be an entertaining spectacle.

“Chloe Book” will be published by Rizzoli in April and retail for $35.

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Trendy, in a Flash

Ever wonder what happened to body glitter? Just me? Well, I often wish I could bring back the days of my cotton candy scented roll on sparkles… but that ain’t gonna happen. And I’m ok with it, because — hallelujah — my glittery withdrawal has an answer: FLASH TATS!

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What is a flash tat you ask? Flash Tattoos are the trendy new body art that rivals my middle school body glitter obsession! Flash tats are temporary tattoos in metallic colors that look sort of like jewelry. These fun shimmery packs of metallic body art can be applied the same way that a temporary tattoo would be; Place the tattoo face down on your skin and hold a wet cloth against it for about 30 seconds. Peel the paper aside then pat gently with the wet cloth. Voila! These are awesome for when the weather is still nice and you still have the remnants of your summer glow. They also can last up to a week!

PLUS, Beyoncé is into them. Isn’t that reason enough?

11 2

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The Best of Ava Ryan

Every once in a blue moon when I can’t sleep (read: roughly every night last week due to my lack of AC), I turn my attention to the inexplicable, hilarious humor of Vine user Katie Ryan’s four-year-old daughter, Ava.

I could spend hours watching Ava contemplate life through short tidbits of wisdom like “Don’t forget! You’re impressive today” and the aim to get up and dance after every fall. This pint-sized comedian knows how to live life to the fullest.

So, next time you’re struggling to catch some ZzZzs, I’ll save you the hours of flipping through videos (although all are worth a watch, just maybe not at midnight). Here are some of Ava’s best sound bites:

1. Where do mermaids come from?

2. “I smell like beef.”

3. Just your average work day…

4. Presents for mom.

5. A quick save for an accidental slip-up.

6. “PARTYING ON A MONDAY!” (My favorite. Can every Monday be like this?)

It’s probably for the best that Ava’s humor is a rare case. If all toddlers were this funny I’d be looking to adopt sooner than later!

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